Days 5 and 6


  • Finished case presentation
  • Baked cupcakes
  • Talked to career office
  • Sent emails to companies


  • Date/no date on Saturday?

Get it together, god dammit!

  • Study 2 files per day for economics
  • Do physics
  • Find the goddamn mentor company
Days 3 and 4

The good:

  • Completed and printed Economics exam report
  • Helped Kasparas with economics exam report
  • Worked for 6 hours (yeeey, money)
  • Created personal budget file

The bad:

  • Can’t snap out of just-got-hired ecstasy
  • Lagging with economics exam preparation

The waiting:

  • Prepare for economics exam on Friday
  • Find mentor company
  • Talk to my teaches about mentroship situation
  • Prepare for presentation on Monday
  • Prepare for presentation on Tuesday
  • Give in Physics report on Friday (ask Kasparas for help)
  • Look through Excel formulas sent by Bahodir!

And the near future:

  • Visit SKAT to inform about new job and ask about taxes

How am I going to do all this? I guess by just doing it. 

Day 2

It’s been a stressful day. 

I have completed the interview. You can see my spasm face and the guest card in the picture below. I was nervous.

What did I do well?

  • Showed initiative during the interview, asked questions. 
  • Showed eagerness to learn.
  • Didn’t panic while not knowing how to solve the case. 
  • Exhibited great amount of confidence.
  • Demonstrated my bright personality.

What did I do not so well?

  • Rambled - I have to slow down when I am talking.
  • Was slow to figure out how to solve the case.

All in all the interview went really well and I was practically convinced, that they would hire me on the spot. One of the interviewers said he would, but it’s not that easy - department of human resources is a part of the hiring process. Upon asking when to expect the answer (positive or negative), they said they will have to discuss it and will make sure to inform me within 2 weeks.

Little did I know that I will receive a call the same day, 5 hours after the interview. They liked me. I was hired. 

Hooray for me! I will receive contract within 2 weeks and hopefully will start working 1st of November. 

As sweet and amazing as it sounds (I still cannot stop shaking from excitement), with this great opportunity many problems come real as well. One of the biggest ones - I have to find mentorship in Denmark within 2 weeks. I have no idea how I’m going to do that. What I do know is that I have dreamed for over a year to work at this company - I will make it happen. 

Today’s objectives:

  • Finish economics assignment (try get Kenneth to help).
  • Deal with my over excitement.

Tomorrows objectives:

  • Email someone about the change of situation regarding my mentor company.
  • Visit career office for companies list.
  • Talk to Inge/Paul Erik/someone relevant about the change in situation regarding my mentor company. 
  • Put the economics assignment together
  • Print the assignment.

It’s been a good day. Let’s pray to God I will be able to keep it up.

Day 1

Alright, I have just got a call from a company I have applied for student worker position a month ago. They invited me for an interview. Tomorrow. Fuck, I’m panicking! 

Must-do before the interview:

  • Research company and it’s values
  • Research my interviewer
  • Prepare 3-5 questions for him
  • Answer 15 most common interview questions
  • Brush up my excel skills
  • Plan time to be there early

So basically, if I get this job, it would probably be the most significant thing I have yet done for my dreams to come true. I won’t lie, the competition is fierce, my experience and skills are lacking. And yet I MUST try my best.

I have just talked to my friend about the interview, and what she said, was basically to relax, be confident and show personality. The skills here aren’t most important - if I will be able to convince them, that they want to work with me, they will teach me what I need to know. 


In other news:

  • Worked for 2.5 hours today (yeep!)
  • Ate a bag of potato chips (booo) 
100 days to get my shit together

I want to be better, I want to do bigger. Last 2 years have been a clear down-slope for me and today I have decided to take a public (more or less) stance against it. 

The truth is, dreams I am having are never going to come true if I keep dreaming. Thus I have brainstormed my perfect future life as I see it today and set up main points to work towards it.

In 3 years I want to be surrounded by bright and humble people, dating, earning money and living a busy life as a young professional in a vibrant city!

By the end of the challenge, I want to:

  • Have a healthy mind
  • Study well
  • Advance professionally 
  • Have a healthy and fit body
  • Make 5 new friends
  • Nurture old friendships
  • Travel
  • Find something to be good at
  • Become open for a serious relationship

Later in the challenge I will most likely break down these bullet points into specific tasks. For example having a healthy mind might involve practicing meditation, or travelling might involve planning my holidays/earning money for it. 

My goal is to do something productive every day and move slowly but ensuring. I have tried this before, but this time I am going to post updates, so that I could see my work and, hopefully, results. 

Challenge start date: October 16

Good luck to me